Tuesday, 20 November 2007


I have a pie for dinner - a chicken and something pie, I think. I am going to have it with spuds and broccoli which is rather a tasty prospect right now at a cold 7.07 a.m with the working day stretching ahead of me. I am quite looking forward to work, actually and want to crack on with this and that today.

I had a top Monday night after circuits just watching a bit of TV and then chatting with Walshy on line - he was in good fettle and was excited about ASP.net (yeah, I know!)

With satisfactory childishness I have made my text alert on my new phone the 'Say what again!' tirade from Jules in Pulp Fiction; hardly suitable for the office but pleasingly juvenile nevertheless!

I think my folks are home tonight after three weeks away together on holiday in the Med' and Greece.


D'ang said...

Did you make that pie yourself? I can make a pie like that, me. Got my pastry technique down an' everything

BS5 Blogger said...

Dude, I am the pie effing master!