Monday, 26 November 2007


This is the hound mentioned in recent posts - called Toby, a chocolate Lab' who is owned by my fine brother Greg and his equally fine other half, Nicola - they all live in Prestwood near High Wycombe in Bucks and have had Toby for about 22 months - Toby is 2 a week on Friday. He is almost sensible but not really fully so, which is why he and Greg click.

Greg and Nicks have enjoyed the recent delight of their friends Carl and Tara moving close to them. Carl is the dude I mentioned aaaaaaaaaages ago when I had a dream he became Prime Minister (see early Oct' Posts), he is currently a senior dude at M&S.

Greg meets a chap on dog walks who is now 80 but when he was a lad in the fifties he and two mates bought a car and drove from England to Calcutta and then got a boat to Australia to watch the Olympics!

And that bloody dog had the in soles from my shoes again! Little fecker.

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