Saturday, 3 November 2007

Elton and Kikki

Rhubarb Karaoke last night. Oh dear!

It was a surprisingly quiet night at The Rhubarb on Friday just gone; no Cas', Trev went early, Stevie H went early and so did Spence. Amazingly I stayed until midnight - chat-chat-chat. I sang a bit of Wonderwall with Spence and then 'Don't go breaking my heart' which I rather butchered with Debbie who had come along for a Friday night glass of wine. I'd like to think Debbie (particularly) and I were a good deal better attired than this pic'!

Woke with a bit of a headache at 8.00 so I went for a run and that seemed to do the trick and get rid of it. Cleaned the car too (at last) and did a load of housework. I am now all done and ready to watch Arsenal Man U at 12.45! Go on you Gooooners!

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