Monday, 26 November 2007

R, N, T and a wall.

Just an addition to the post below: this is yours truly and Nicola standing on an old house wall on top of the hill with a small hound trying to join in. (Dad, if you click on the pic' it will open in a new window in nice detail, ditto all pics on this blog).

I am now back on my hill (Barton Hill) and will enjoy the rest of my Monday off before circuits at 5.45 and the Gadget Show after. Ironing to do as well because when I did the ironing at 5am yesterday (prior to going to Goodrich) only 3 shirts were really dry enough.

My friend D the V has emailed, I now know that my reading this coming Sunday is Isaiah 2: 1-5 so I will have a gander at that and see what it's all about.

Update: 1.52 pm:
Have had a gander at the reading mentioned above - it's quite smart; it didn't happen quite yet because I don't see a stack of US Swords being hammered into ploughs but the sentiment is elegant. I will try to memorise it so that I don't spend the reading looking down at the page.

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