Friday, 23 November 2007

Ophidian Injustice

Today I am working on my Retail Operations guide for all our stores and in particular their Pet and Aquatics departments.

Part of the research invloves the 'Minimum Density for Species Accommodation', or in English, how many terrapins can you lob in the tank? Walshy already pointed out that an MPL for a terrapin is a tricky one as they will keep scooting off the shelf and into the space for another facing, maybe a semi-terrestrial frog or something.

Now on this front, the mimimum accommodation in length one should have for a snake is 2/3rds its length, or 1/3rd if the snake is an arboreal variety. My point is this: what if the snake has had a hard week in the office? Maybe his boss has been at him about the week's sales numbers, or maybe Mrs Snake was at him about not doing the chores. If the snake wanted to relax and have a nice stretch to his full length (always a pleasure in the morning or evening) then he can't because The Petcare Trust only recommends a third of his length as the accommodation minimum.

That seems harsh.

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