Sunday, 25 November 2007

Happy Chap!

I am a very happy chap after a productive, logical and well worked Saturday!

I had a good old look at my central heating on Saturday and whilst the radiators in my room and the loft worked, the others were less productive. Trev' came over and helped me after I had helped him shift a load of furniture at his house. We did an initial bleed of the top radiator but to no avail, and then rather spectacularly we took the floor up (pictured) and had a gander at my hot water pump. This seemed in good order. Trev' is a chap with a firm grasp of engineering and logic and between us (I am not entirely sure what I contributed) we pumped the system, switched the pump off, released the air in the system and gradually coaxed all the radiators into life. This took about 4 hours as we needed to repeat the process several times to gently get things going. It is about 80% there but after 4 hours, the house was warm and a pint was called for so we rewarded ourselves at the Rhubarb, after which I returned to a toasty house and a fine dinner.

Unrelatedly, I may pass on my decent sofa bed to a pal at the Rhubarb who is moving to a house just a street away later in the week. This came up in conversation during our post-radiator analysis pint.

5.04 as I write and I am up for Sunday with washing on and stuff. A bit crazy but I am happy and content. Tomorrow off so I can have a lie in on Monday - yippee!

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