Tuesday, 27 November 2007

A goner?

I wonder if Harriet Harman will have gone by the end of the week? Apparently she took 5k from this recent chap who gave the Labour Party 600k. Some turned it down, she did not and now Gordon Brown won't formally give her his full confidence. I think this lot are a little long in the tooth and tarnished. GB does some good, even some moral things and no doubt he will survive but a political bloody nose is refreshing.

Oopas and I once saw Harriet Harman speaking in a by election rally in Monmouth in 1997 but snuck out half way through to head to The Griffin for a pint instead.

On a mundane note, I had a jolly nice lunch of tuna salad with some cumin seeds as made up last night after circuits.


Bro said...

I’m starting to see a little theme here… major politico questions of our time (like free speech at the Oxford Onion) and Labor sleaze subsumed to quests for a pint. It’s a good style I think. You the new Paxo.

walshy... said...

Cumin Seeds!!!!

What the hell are you playing at?

BS5 Blogger said...


Cumin seeds are okay by me! Try 'em!

Pints and politics always a good mix.