Thursday, 8 November 2007

Thursday night - COOL as!!

What a great Thursday night - not a step taken out of the house and it was still a complete blinder!

Fuel-light bingo on the way home and will barely make it to the diesel pump at JS tomorrow, and then a fine, fine evening once parked-up.

A bit of coaxing of the router first of all but then he came into his own in his own special wireless way. Walshy was online and we excitedly chatted about Quake! Quake was still a bit dicky on my PC so from Manchester, some 170 miles away, Walshy remotely took over my PC and fixed it up while I made dinner. What a top spod and a top geezer he is!

In the meantime I cooked a fantastic curry and listened to Zane Lowe winding up Radio 1 ready to play Led Zeppelin IV in full, uninterrupted for an hour. Loads of great tunes and samples prior to it and a vox pop on the album with Dave Grohl as chilled as ever. Ate said curry listening to the Led Zeppelin IV - really very good indeed and my first full listen through. You can hear Oasis in them!

Walshy and I then played Quake in a deathmatch online stylee, bouncing all over the place, falling off stuff, laughing, gooning and shooting the life out of each other. He kicked my butt as ever but I still had him stylishly once or twice and, as ever in combination with a good game and a top laugh that'll do me. C'mon Bag, join in one night next week!

Glass of wine now and heading for bed - might just listen to Led Zed once more..

It's Friday tomorrow with all its potential.

Check out the chequer plate on that image. Get in!

If this post made no sense to you then don't worry about it and pax tecum to you anyway...



d'ang said...

Top tomfoolering around it sounds like. And I will maybe draw the ol' man's attention to this for a bit of 'my god, child' commentary.

Shut them curtains even tighter and never go out again!

BS5 Blogger said...

Defos on the case there - it's indoor action in a DCF!