Sunday, 18 November 2007

Any old Iron

It's ten to seven on a Sunday morning and I have been up for an hour. Mental! I am waiting for the light so I can go for a run, having skipped it yesterday. The plan is a turn around the streets while there is no traffic and then come back for a wallow in the bath. After that I am going to make a chilli ready for dinner this evening, and I am going to do a load of ironing. I like a nice planned day like that because then I can slide into an afternoon of idle with the the week ahead already prepped.

Church at half ten, of course. Whilst there last week, I met an interesting architect who has a very attractive wife and has stopped architect-ing to train to become a vicar!

My new Sony Ericsson phone (as made in China) is now charged up and ready to go and it's really different to my Nokia (as made in Nokia) so there's lots of stuff to spod about with and get used to, and I want to try to transfer the pics from my old one so I can have the same wallpaper picture.

I think Walshy will rightly observe that it is pointless to have such an advanced phone when I will use about 3 of its many, many features.

I may squeeze in an episode of Spooks Series 5 which is there in its entirety on 'watch again' on my TV package, and for free!

The weather-woman on Radio 4 has just said it's probably worth staying in bed as today will be cold, wet, miserable and windy, with a chance of snow. I'd stay in bed if the right person was there to stay with but otherwise I am going to ignore her advice and spend the day gooning about!

Oh yes, I am pretty happy with my new barnet!

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