Monday, 26 November 2007

Possible haemorhagging of bloke points.

Last Christmas, and thus 11 months ago yesterday, my brother bought me the product pictured in this post. It is Neal's Yard Olive Leaf Moisturiser which I secretly kinda like. Despite Greg's total success just today in buying something for our mother's birthday, I now suspect Nicola's hand in the selection of my festive gift; the moisturiser which I use most times that I shave has about 30 days' worth left - the perfect gift to last a year. No way Greg would have sussed that on his Jack. I mean Greg likes Phil Collins and busts a move when the he comes on the radio.

It might just be that I quietly buy some more Neal's Yard Olive leaf moisturiser - now a secret admission known only to the handful of people reading this (mind you as Walshy is one of them, I fear a wider circulation of this possibly poncey admission).

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