Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Circuits was FANTASTIC tonight! I was really (and quietly) pleased with my performance. Tonight we just ran and ran and ran the perimeter of the hall for 55 minutes and as we went along, Dave our instructor made us memorise 5 exercises (press ups, crunches, star jumps, spot jogging and a change of direction) and then with the exception of changing direction we had 5, then 7, then 10 reps of any exercise number or number-combo’ he called out; first one in a sequence then 2 numbers then a combo’ of 3 or 4. And we got 20 press ups in the middle if we cocked it up. Only 4 of us ran the full 55 (Debbie, Pippa, Wayne and yours truly ) – I also got two combos wrong (who said Public School chaps could count?) so I had 40 press ups as well.

I can honestly say I loved it and once into a rhythm I could have done another 15 minutes of running pretty easily. I loved it and it is fast becoming v.addictive indeed as is weekend running.

My small beer-belly is going fast!

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