Thursday, 29 November 2007


Where did the week go? It's nearly scone already.

Thursday already and not long to weekend larks!

Playing Quake on line tonight with Walshy and Bag, two former BS5ers who now live in Lancashire.

I reckon in a straight fight out of three of us, I will only have two others placed above me.

Off to work shortly and in order to give credence to a Retail Operations manual I am writing, I am working the day in our Pet and Aquatics dep't; up close and personal with rabbits, fish, reptiles, birds and lizards

Other things: Nearly got my Sunday reading memorised so it should be okay (Isaiah 2: 1-5). Also, I have washed and dried my bright green work fleece for days on the shop floor, and luckily it has shrunk a bit and is no longer massive!

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