Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Oh bugger, where's my 25 million name list?

The Government (loosely) appears to have lost two discs with 25 million names on them. That's gotta be a real strain on the week and it's only Tuesday. Some junior person lobbed it carefree in the post - that's the gamble, huh?

I heard all about this as it was taking me over an hour to get home tonight (a whole 14 miles) and 40 minutes of that was the last three miles. It rained and flooded some roads in Bristol tonight so I think that was why. I was completely chilled about it as I was in a nice, warm car with the radio on and just chillin'. And I hadn't lost 25 million sets of data. It's an easier hour than the hour on the M4 used to be with all the complete lunatics who used to hammer along at speed!

I got into the house to the usual post I didn't want (it was for Bag) and felt pleased to be in and behind my own front door. I finally had a proper go with my phone and sussed the old predictive text, not only that but it predicts the next word too and isn't bad at the guesses except when you are swearing at people and then it's well off the money, so I had to call somone a Can't.

Stevie Hopes is around for dinner tomorrow so I am saving the rather nice chicken pie (see previous post) to share with him over a bottle of wine and a chit-chat which will no doubt focus on women, work and the politics of The Rhubarb, as it often does!

Spooks tonight but I'll have to concentrate as I watched Series 5 on 'watch again' last night and will now skip ahead a year to watch Series 6 on BBC1 tonight but I daresay I will be able to cope. I just found out Heston Bloomers is still on; kinda thought his series finished two weeks ago but now realise I just got Tuesday mixed up with Wednesday - spaz!

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