Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Long time no see (and a lack of Mercedes)

I met a good pal from my Somerfield days today. Sheridan had been HR Director and unusually for a senior director she had style, charm, wit, common sense, great people skills and her feet on the ground. All that and she worked in HR, the most removed from common sense function in most (all) organisations.

I had not emailed Sheridan for a year or so and we used to get on well at Somerfield. I used to tell her about daft weekends gooning about drinking beer and 'cheating like Arabs' at poker in the happy days of living at Seven-Oh with Walshy and Seamus (both ex BS5 and ex Somerfield - but they both kept on going back).

I was in a meeting in our restaurant talking about Retail Operations and wham! Sheridan just appeared and said hello and we had a good chat after that. It was good to see her as I had lost touch.

Alas Sherdian has swapped her sporty SLK Mercedes Benz for a people carrier - such is the inevitability of having two children!

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