Thursday, 1 November 2007

A-Egg and my front door.

Had my front door egged and floured by urchins. That's because I wasn't in to answer trick or bloody treat! With initiative that surprised me, a certain BS5 shiny Mercedes-Benz was parked two doors down outside a house with a family in it, as I knew they would answer the door to Trick or Treaters so my car remained un- (a) egged unlike the one that parked outside my gaff.

Last night I was at Circuits (along with new recruit Debbie - see Luke 2 29-32 Post) . We played keepie ups with a football, and all stood in a circle. Every time we dropped the ball it was down on the floor for some exercise or another, mostly press ups all night long. I am the most uncoordinated man in BS5 (heck, in BS anywhere!) and I think I caused pretty much most of the pain! Mind you, I was somewhat distracted!

Made dinner for Stevie Hopes after that and he came around and we talked a load of old horse about women, work, music and Queens of the Stone Age.

Start my new job today!

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