Monday, 12 November 2007

Mortgage drama

Quite an efficient morning....I rang the Nationwide with whom I now have my mortgage and asked about a new mortgage product. I am gonna go fixed and I am selecting a 5 year product. This will save me £100 a month on my current payment level and I like the idea of that. There is also no fee to take this product on so I will have a look at the paperwork and also talk to my Mortgage juggling friend and ex BS5er Seamus who is now back in Wexford, Ireland (see Back in the day' post). Whatr he doesn't know about Mortgages isn't worth knowing. Alas the pictured 70s fox did not answer the phone at Nationwide but Lisa with whom I did speak was pretty good.
Other stuff: an exciting huge plume of smoke over London owing to a gert massive fire (no one dead so that's cool). I have also discovered that our Chrismtas grotto at work (opens this w.e) cannot show any Christian symbols, or mention the Big Man in any stories the kids sit down to hear. Now I am not one for foisting Faith on another person as that is not how it works for me but given the first six letters of Christmas, I think banning anything religious it is a bit silly. Oh but you might offend somone. Bollocks!

Also on the work front , George our swearing parrot is safe and well. I had seen an empty cage this morning and assumed he had been sold or that one of the snakes had eaten him but they were just cleaning his house, so that's all well and good.

I now have aphone at my desk after just 112 days.

Cicuits in a little bit.

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