Tuesday, 27 November 2007

BS5 goes Global!

My weekly Blog stats report tells me where people who have read my Blog are based; it turns out I have had visits from Colombia and Mexico and Argentina (1 each), Canada and the US (a healthier 2 each)!

I like that but I am not sure how BlogBS5, a little take on Bristol relates to Bogota, Buenos Airies, or Mexico City. Pretty cool though.

A bit of hoo-ha in the news today about debates at the Oxford Union. I have been there three times with my brother and my take is that the building has the finest Gents loo in the country. It's bright, light, palatial and finished to a great detail, a mood reflected in my own bathroom here in BS5. When I was at the Oxford Union the bar was a bit poor but Wavey and I had a couple of beers in some great library room with vast, comfortable sofas. All jolly and Victorian. And a kebab after, I think.

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