Sunday, 25 November 2007

Girls' Knees

I have just had a couple of half decent pints of Guinness in the 'Hostile', the secondary (to me) local pub in Goodrich. The Guinness was on form and I enjoyed a read of the Sunday Telegraph and listening to an ongoing discussion about the merits of red wine in gravy, a discourse undertaken by the voluble people at the bar - much discussion over restaurants in 'London' versus a proper restaurant with real people. The clever, witty barmaid I rather like came in and was her usual polite self, reading the room elegantly, so that was nice.

As I type, Gregory is in Bucks trying to cajole N put of the house in a timely fashion so they can make it here for 8.00 and we can all go out for dinner for mother's birthday (which is in fact on Monday).

All is well generally.

I fancy a bit of steak later!

Writing this on an apple mac - a machine plain full of wrongness, especially the mouse.

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