Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Foxy Duck

I am impressed at this but it might seem mundane to those with proper cooking skills.

I took off the fat from the duck I cooked on Sunday night and have refrigerated it to use on roast potatoes. Now I have seen Nigella do that so I reckon it's probably okay to do even though it might not be terribly healthy for one.

I will freeze said fat and I had planned to use it on Christmas roast spuds but as I plan to be on my own in the house on Christmas day (by happy choice) then I can't see roasties being on the menu that particular Tuesday so I will use them on another occasion.

In fact as for Christmas eating plans - it will be pretty normal fare - just having a few days off back to back will be delight enough!

Circuits later and really don't want to miss it this time (see stroppy Monday night post).

I think my good freind Folats is coming over for a beer or two tomorrow night - top stuff.

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