Monday, 19 November 2007

Quality Street

Well, this is a pic of my festive bowl of chocs that usually lasts me until well into the new year. I bought them on Sunday on a whim at JS and haven't eaten one yet. In March all that will be left is a little pile of the orange creams that no one likes. I took the snap with my new phone; at least that's one feature of it I can work. The bowl is one I saw being hand made in the Burleigh pottery factory in Staffordshire and then bought, along with a milk jug which I subsequently gave to the delightful and endlessly lovely Gigi who lives in Athenry, Galway.

Work was okay today - got in at 7.45 and started re-writing an Operations Manual for one part of our business. Compared to the observation above, it was, and will ever be, nothing of consequence.

Just about home in time for my Monday fix........

Circuits tonight and it was a real work out. Usual long run to start and then a new form of being totally knackered: we ran a third of the way up the gym and back, then two-thirds and back, and then the full length of the gym and back - repeat that 5 times to warm up and then run again, a third of the way up and sneak in a press up, two thirds and a press up and then all the way and a press-up, building up from one, to reps of 5, and then back down, 4,3,2,1 again. I think that makes for 77 press ups and a lot of running! We did that, then had a rest (a 2 minute run round the gym) and repeated the lot with star jumps. Feck! I love it though and didn't skip one. 144 reps and running - it's addictive.

Home now and I made a chilli yesterday which I am going to eat shortly along with some garlic bread and plonk, and then it's The Gadget Show. I am also going to google God's Architect, a biog' of Pugin (who worked with Charles Barry on the Houses of P). The book was on Book at Bedtime last week and was really good. Nice buildings and only partially taken out by the Jerries in 1941 (they had 14 goes during the war but didn't destroy it, and we beat them in the world cup too) .

I am getting on only so well with my new phone. I keep trying to text Greg to say hello but each time about eight words in, I go all spazzy and write the word' ghskdyf'. Patience is required.

All in all a decent Monday.

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