Friday, 23 November 2007

The Big Man.

Hey, I am taking a reading in church a week on Sunday. I had expressed an interest and have consequently been put forward by Debbie, the interesting, articulate, seeing and welcoming Vicar. I like that and trust the reading is a decent one and thank her for her thoughtfulness. More G than JC, I hope.

The last time I read aloud in a ceremony was at the wedding of a very good friend of mine; I couldn't mention the Big Man at that ceremony but got the essence of togetherness and love across in a shout from A A Milne. The time before that was very hard work in Cornwall, and prior to that, in Lancashire for my dear Pa's best friend.

Friday night as I type and thank feck for a good bed and a lie in!

The pic' for this post is the building where the whole sense of church I have was pleasantly taken-on over many, many a contemplative Monday morning.

This post sounds churchy and right-on but it is written with a complete sense of the delight of gooning about, getting pissed, being daft and not really taking any of anything at all too seriously!

if I could ask God for anything right here and now, I'd hit him for an S Class Merc' with AMG tuning; that's devotion!

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