Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Back in the day...

These are some of the chaps from The Rhubarb, essentially the more physical element of the Rhubarb Tavern football team a year or two back. Actually if April 3rd was a Monday (see screen) it was 2006!

Left to R is Spence (Heston Blumenthal) , Lummox (who now lives in Kuala Lumpor) me, Seamus (now living back in Wexford, Ireland) , Uncle Cas (still a BS5er) and on the front row two of the lads from the team who have now moved on, I think.

Clearly this was another intellectual Sunday in the 'Barb but it must have been early and for the 9am football briefing as everyone is looking focused and there is only one sneaky beer to be seen in the shot!

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