Saturday, 1 March 2008

Glasses, teeth and glue

Not long home from a day away in Cambridgeshire and an evening spent with Ma and Pa near Ross on Wye.

I had spent Friday in the east of England working at our store and I got lots achieved. Back down to earth from a Sat Nav Mercedes when driving to Birmingham in the week, I had a hire car - a Vauxhall Zafira. Don't believe the adverts; it drives like a bloody pallet, and a fuel-inefficient one at that. So I got home last night(eventually) and had dinner with the folks. This morning I woke at 7.00 and went for a run and then I washed their car, did a little work in the garden and did a run to the tip with a load of heavy things they were getting shot of. Back to good old Bristol and bought a table with me that had been destined for the skip but will do nicely for my loft room. I went to see Cas to ask him about fixing the top back on. Cas is a very good carpenter and had some wood adhesive. He let me borrow this but was in a two and eight when I got there because he had mislaid his teeth and his specs, both of which are now about his person instead of being under his bed.

A picture of the restored table follows.

And it's Saturday! Thank feck for that

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