Saturday, 29 March 2008

Pheasant Plucker

Well then, I had my jolly Friday afternoon in The Bullring and as posted, I traipsed around all 4 floors of Selfridges as well as Zara, the Apple store (cool) several jewellers, book stores and clothing stores. Much inspiration for work. Also bought some perfume (not for me, clearly). There were masses of Chinese people about the place including a chick called Woong who I met in Starbucks.

Spent Friday night at the folks' house and went for a pint - as ever when I am in a three piece suit someone in the pub asked me if I was a barrister. This developed into a pleasant enough chat and 4 Guinesses all told. My folks' local is chocca with late thirty-something middle class tottie.

Spent my mornig walking two dogs three times - and very happy little hooligans they were too, though the black dog bagged a pheasant yesterday which we had to subsequently see off with a spade - poor little bugger.

Greg (who owns both dogs) is back from Jamaica soon - and into Terminal 5. Oh dear!

1 comment:

Dave said...

What happened to the pheasant?

Did you take it home and put it in the freezer?

Y'can't go wrong with a good bridge, that's true. But you can't go wrong with a good pheasant pie either.