Friday, 21 March 2008

Tall Order

You can't go wrong getting up early on a day off to actively not go to work and do something else with the morning instead!

I bounced out of bed at 6.15 after a curious evening in The Rhubarb. It was a Thursday with no school to follow but it was different from a Friday. The pub was of two camps, firstly a large gathering of folks who had been to a funeral, and secondly a gang of de-mob happy folk who had finished work. The two merged, the juke box came on at a respectful volume and a good evening was had. A very light couple of pints and off home for me after a good natter with Trev' and Cas. I felt very tall because there were quite a lot of shorter folk about the place. This was confirmed when some bloke said 'Ark at Ee, ee's gert masive, mind' Indeed.

I am really looking forward to seeing my brother later today and I am excited about meeting his new dog, a very bouncy black Labrador. I think Greg will be bouncier and more excited than the dog as he is off to the Caribbean on Sunday.

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Suburbia said...

Gerrt Lush trousers!
Hope you had a good time with brother & dog. Looking forward to pictures of said dog soon.