Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Glass of 2004

A happy and a sad tale tonight! This is the last glass of 4 from 2004 that I bought on acquiring my house. The glass is a simple and nicely weighted one, and of the 4 I bought on moving in (4 years ago in 4 weeks), I broke the last one tonight. I am not sure I actually broke all three of the others though I suspect I was not far away when it happened. Walshy and Seamus may have broken some of the others, and I hope it was them because that way it doesn't matter ; they would have been in the use of good people at the time.

Anyhow, I chinked this one tonight and have reverted to an alternative set. Maybe not having my favourite glass to hand will mean I will stop drinking wine on school nights. And maybe I'll land a sixty grand job during the week too!

I wonder how many bottles of wine were sunk in this house via this glass? It has gone to the other side now with its own little plinth and and a place in glass-o-khor and everything! (A pretty limited readership will clock that sentiment)

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