Sunday, 16 March 2008

Rhubarb but no Custard

What a great Saturday afternoon! After morning larks in Clifton, we assembled at The Rhubarb (note to Suburbia: The Rhubarb Tavern is our local pub here in BS5, and the scene of many a tale on this Blog). Lots of rugby and lots of the gang in place - me, Steve, Cas, Trevor, Lummox, Jeff, Scorch, Andy and Katie. The Guinness was on form and the rugby likewise. England won so Gigi owes me dinner though I cut through the bet because I owe her dinner anyway. After the rugby, it was time for fish and chips which I ate with Steve at his house. We drank some wine and Steve kinda had an air guitar moment listening to Jimmy Hendrix.

The pic for this post is the sixth round of eight or nine.

I see my tyre advice to Lewis netted him a fine win.

Oh it's Palm Sunday today and my Vicar gave me a call yesterday to ask if I would assist in a little piece to the congregation. She always asks if it is not too much trouble which it can't really be if one enjoys such stuff - and my Vicar is really rather attractive too!

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billy said...

You have made my day, I'm famous!!!!! I was mentioned in your blog. I am also now humming the tune the cartoon of the same name (annoying!)