Sunday, 23 March 2008

New Orleans, Miami . L.A and BS5

I am going to have a go at cooking Jambalaya, or a near equivalent. I have most of the things in the fridge and it will be an enjoyable hoovering up of bits and pieces. I can't really get my head around putting rice right into the main pan, rather than cooking it in a separate pot in the conventional way. We shall see! Rick Stein made it look dead easy the other week so I will have a try.

Decent Sunday so far but the F1 was a bit of a bummer for Lewis H; still worth hopping out of bed at 7 to catch it, though.

Easter Sunday today so church will be quite jolly, I suspect. Looked in last night and was (happily) press ganged into changing a load of light bulbs.

Oh yes, I bought and watched 'Bobby' a film about the various goings on of different sets of people in the hotel (and the scene of) Bobby Kennedy's assassination on the evening it happened in 1968. Cool to see Martin Sheen not being Presidential in a movie about a potential President.

My brother flies to Miami today and from there to Jamaica!


Suburbia said...

Jambalaya sounds me some?
Missed the snow, must have been cajoling Small Sprog into the shower!
The yellowish tinge is for Easter, but I had to stop before I had finished, will proceede with decorations later.
Have a great Easter Sunday

d'ang said...


You know it makes sense.

With a gree worm remoulade.