Wednesday, 19 March 2008

New business direction

This morning before work I have been reading about Frank Lucas who seemed to shift more drugs in America in the late 60s than Glaxo Smithkline. I read about him having watched the film American Gangster last night. It was a top movie and quite stylish too. I wonder if I could make $300,000 inflation-adjusted dollars a day selling illicit products in BS5? I suspect I couldn't really hack it as a drug-lord; Daphne over the road would suss me out and give me a bollocking and that would be it. And drug-lords probably don't listen to Radio 4 all day long.

Anyhow - if you haven't seen the movie it's worth a look at.

Back to work today after two days off, so I have had my 4 day weekend which most people will have this weekend coming. I will take Good Friday off but will work on Monday, I think.

My friend Lummox has left the country and is now on his way back to Malaysia; it was quite a whirlwind for the few days he stayed in BS5.

Sunny as you like here in BS5 this morning and nice and bright.

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