Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Safe in the arms of...

I have just had the best night's sleep in aaaaaaaaaaaaages! I went to bed at about ten and noticed my alarm clock was a little slow so I set the one in my head which is faultless and worked; I woke at half five and dozed another 30 mins. Anyhow - top kip and feel good today. I was on my jack, alas but it was a great snooze nevertheless!

Off to work now to do some recrutiment support for two of our stores and to measure some floor space and staff costs for another one.

I wonder what Greg and his gang are up to in Jamaica today?


Suburbia said...

Great photo, however this is an SOS.You seem to always have so much energy! Please send some over to the suburbs, I am in need!

BS5 Blogger said...

Well, y'know, single bloke and no other commitments than that - hardly saps one's energy! :-)