Monday, 17 March 2008

St Luke's, St Judes and St Patrick. And Guinness.

A totally top smart Sunday had by all and I actually managed to put some chat into an attractive woman once I had sussed out that having asked me if I was married (no) or had a girlfriend (no), there might be some interest. She was tall and slim and kinda' foxy (and had a chap, which fogged my outlook). I am a complete train-wreck at this sort of caper and have a finely honed skill at missing the signs; a very attractive South African woman once asked me 'what are you doing tonight?' at a St Patrick's do at the Irish Embassy on Grosvenor Place in London - didn't even suss it until two hours later, when I had got home. Eejit.

Anyhow, some chatter and a couple of turns around the floor at The Swan With Two Necks in St Judes. This is our usual Sunday haunt but as no one has school today, we walked down and stayed longer than we usually do, to 7.30 in fact whereupon we headed back home to The Rhubarb. This post makes me sound like a complete Guinness-dependent but other stuff did happen too. Took in an hour or so at church (St Luke's) and took part in a reading with three or four other people. Had the usual weekly conversation with yet another person who thinks I am a vicar in training. We have two trainee vicars in the gang and people assume I am at college with them. Quick chatter with D the V and back home for about 12.

And so today - well, it is St Patrick's day so I am sure the day will involve some beer somewhere down the line, especially as a gang of us have the day off. I also have a chicken to roast and I am going to have it with leeks, broccoli, roast potatoes, sweetcorn and a red wine gravy which I have now perfected after some advice from Trev'. Going to have some Cotes du Rhone too.

The pic' for this post is Trev, Steve and Cas deliberating on a round at the S with two N's yesterday.


billy said...

Happy St Patricks day!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Enjoying excellent Irish beer and fine French wine are a sign of good taste.
You didn't crawl out of the pub, so you apparently have no dependency.

If you are unsure about women's intentions, you should ask. Directness leaves nothing to chance, usually.

So, are you going to be a vicar?

Why in the world did they name it Swan with 2 necks? What is the relevancy? Who gave it that name and why?

And, indulge me please, could you explain suss? I gather that it means 'figure it out', but it's one of those funny quirky UK English words that I cannot seem to connect to a Latin base and I wind up being confused.
Is it a regional colloquialism?

Good post.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore