Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A very fine evening.

I have not resigned as New York Governor today and nor have I presented a Budget. That aside it has been quite an eventful day. I left for work at 6.00 this morning and drove to Birmingham (ish) which was chocca with 021s all saying 'Ooooooooorrrrrrooooite?' to each other. I had a gander at the Fort Retail Park and it was a bit grey, really.

I worked in our own store just a sneak off the M42 and I put in a decent day's effort.

Welcomingly back to Bristol 12 hours after I left and out for dinner tonight with 59 other people, one of whom was a bit pissed and worrying some of the others, but he was just a bit stumbly really and nothing else and his mate kept him in check anyhow. I contributed some effort for what was in essence a free gig by doing a stack of washing up and dismantling and putting away a dozen tables after the event (and delighting a small person in being "reeeeeeeeeeeeally tall!").
Several women took it upon themselves to express surprise at a bloke volunteering to wash up but it seemed only a common courtesy to me, rather than just sloping off. Back home now and having one a-beers before bed.

Dinner this evening was a Lenten Agape which I had to Google prior to the event, my schoolboy Latin/Greek not running to a guess at the second word. It was a good deal more ordinary and sociable than Google has it to be, and far less serious and I am happy I went along.

Lummox is here tomorrow - Cork arrives in BS5 via Malaysia!

Late News:
I have decided to have one more a-beers and watch 1960's Spiderman cartoons - I have the '67 collection on DVD which I bought in Los Angeles and haven't watched for yonks! I can have a bath in the morning instead.


prestwoodgreg said...

I'm not sure that publishing the fact that you watch cartoons will help you in bagging a bird ... unless it's an ugly betty from BS5

BS5 Blogger said...

But dude, my pic' is three posts below, so I am okay! And I hear Samantha Power likes Spiderman The 67 Collection, you know.

BS5 and the Ugly Betty quotient - worth some research..

billy said...

If you syncronise your Zanussi I can send back the spiderman pants!!!! Thought I didn't recognise them.

I like your blogs they make me laugh tee hee....

BS5 Blogger said...

Thanks for that post! Glad I make you laugh - not so keen on the readership now thinking I have spiderpants! Hee hee