Friday, 28 March 2008


I have to use my initiative today! I am off into the Bullring in Birmingham (021 country) later to have a gander at other retailers and the way they price china and glassware on tables and shelves. My friend Gigi called this morning (from Galway) to say she was okay for Clarins stuff but I could surprise her with a small gift of something else (I had offered). I am a bloke; this is a tricky task. I don't think she would appreciate a cool new maglite torch or new gadget of some sort.

No complaints here, this is a nice task for a Friday. And I don't need to go anywhere near the chaos of Terminal 5!

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Suburbia said...

Women are easy to buy for, try
small bags
pretty books about 'things'
medium sized bags
large bags
frilly bags
plain bags
pink stuff
brightly coloured bags
hair stuff
credit cards
note books
sports car
nice pens
beachside apartment................