Monday, 3 March 2008

Top stuff going on in the 1900s.

Here's a few things that are going on that I am excited about! They are in no particular order but I am thankful for them all:

1 Upstairs Downstairs a specialist subject on Mastermind shortly. Top stiff Edwardian social drama (I love it, especially that Lady Marjorie (pictured: Rachel Gurney in another role) - you know there's a RIGHT DBITS under that steely exterior, but I don't suppose there will be many Q's on that)

2 Cold beef and chips with piccalilli and a glass of wine for dinner - simple, fine fare!

3 Hilary/Obama make or break tomorrow - a good day of analysis on Wednesday

4 A fine and chatty email from my brother who is in Bangkok tonight

5 A presentation to store managers bought forward by 24 hours so a pressured day for me on Tuesday to complete my piece and ensure it is fluent and to the point

6 An early night to come (must be gettin' old)

7 Walshy's and Caz's total delight at their new son! That really rocks.

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