Sunday, 9 March 2008

Storm on Sunday

You know that bit at the end of The Terminator when Sarah Connor says she knows the storm is coming? That's how it is in BS5 this morning.

Apparently a gert massive storm is on the way from the West coast of Ireland where it is sitting right about now (it is off Galway,so more rain for Gigi) and it will get here over the next day or so with bucketfuls of rain and a blowy old gale and a half. In response to this I have spent an hour and a bit cleaning my car, a duty I have skipped for two long weeks. The car is shiny and smart now and it was time well spent at half past seven on a Sunday morning.

I woke at 6 and listened to the radio a bit and have had a pottery old morning. Just before six in the week, Prayer for the Day is on the radio, but they don't do it on a Sunday which seems kinda' odd so instead they play dudes ringing bells somewhere in the land. It was Cardiff today (well, Roth, actually)and a steadman triple which is a phrase now locked in my head, taking up space where something smarter could probably reside.

And on we go into the usual Sunday - breakfast shortly, Church thereafter (D the V wrote and asked if I would up my game from helping with the tea and coffee to do doing a speaky bit in front of the Congregation, something I am well up for) and The Swan with Two Necks a little later.

The pic for this post is Galway Cathedral where, no doubt it is raining. I have driven past this building with Gigs but we didn't go in.

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