Monday, 10 March 2008

Dating Americans (nearly)

Blog post commenter GH suggests I should put up an image of myself so that Blog BS5 readers can see what I look like, just the way they can see what Samantha Power looks like (see previous post) and that way, they can post comments on my chances of securing a date with said American lovely.

Well this is me, and I reckon Samantha P could do a good deal worse than a night in the Rhubarb and pint and a chat about that bloody awful Hillary C and the rather better Barack O, for whom she used to work until The Scotsman failed to play fair.

GH and I also had a chat about board restructures at M&S and his new hound, a 10 month old black Labrador, recently adopted.

A small glass of Cotes Du Rhone on the go here and off to bed in a bit, thankful that my roof is still on after a very stormy day all over the south west.

Over to you, Samantha Power...I'm free Thursday if you are.

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