Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Friday Shopping trip.

Back to work today and not the most productive day but some good stuff done. I was rather flattered that Suburbia took a mo’ to comment on my Blog during a rushed hour home from her work at lunchtime. Cool! My friend Walshy pointed out that using the phrase ‘back to school’ in a post will make readers think I am about 12; that will certainly vex them when they read about pints of Guinness in The Rhubarb in earlier posts and chatting up a married woman (unknowingly, I have to say). Catching up with Walshy was a very good part of my day.

Plans: this Friday I am spending a few hours on my jack at The Bullring in Birmingham. Our company is not particularly special at pricing items on tables and glass shelves so I am wandering about looking at retailers whom I know to be very good at that sort of thing. I thought there was a John Lewis at the Bullring but it is in fact a Selfridges. I looked at the list of brands they have and I had heard of about three. I thought Cath Kidson was a country and western singer with a hat. Anyhow, I have a few hours to wander about on my own and without having to talk to anyone or consider anyone's time, and looking at pricing, adjacencies, SELs and merchandising in Selfridges, Zara, Hobbs, Debenhams, The Apple Store and H&M. I will do this with complete concentration and focus – every woman in the office wanted to come along and help out! My Ops Director (a nice woman) said I was not to do any sneaky shopping. As if! Well, I might sneak a gander at an I-phone.


Suburbia said...
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Suburbia said...

Whoops that was me...sorry, didn't make sense!
Anyway just dropped by to say Friday sounds a great day and that it's not fair because I used to have a nice job!!!!
Have a good week.