Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Dating Professors and work wobbles.

Just a small little wobble about work longevity these last 24 hours. Although there is much going on and I am into good and challenging work, I sensed an impression from my boss when we met yesterday that she has a date in mind to close the affair. I am presenting to her, my director of Finance and the MD tomorrow as well as all store managers. I can see that there is enough to carve a role and when the time is right I will present that opportunity on their behalf, but it is certainly one to watch and I am glad I have worked up some decent relationships with Recruiters as part of my work to date. All that said I am looking forward to the day ahead and to crafting a presentation for tomorrow. it is not as taut as it should be and I will see to that in the office today.

My friend Sue in Devon has been writing saying I should ask out one of Barack Obama's team, a certain Samantha Power of an Irish extraction. She was on Start the Week yesterday, I think and was certainly very articulate and confident about Mr O. Maybe I will drop her a line, she is tall and fair, it has to be said. And as you can see from the pic' she likes a glass now and again so no fear in asking her out for a beer in The Rhubarb (when she's not advising Presidential candidates).

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