Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Strange fish action

I had a really strange dream last night. My brother and I (David this time, not Greg who was 40 yesterday) had to charter a boat and sail over to Ireland and back in time to the 1580s to catch a Coeclacanth. Said beast is a very, very, very ancient fish (been around for 340m years) and in our case it had disappeared from the 21st C and messed up a whole load of time lines so we had to go back to retrieve one but had to do so three times until we came back on the last occasion and everything was straight again. One of the consequences on the second journey was that mobile phones all stopped working and Eisenhower remained US President until the end of the Vietnam War, which Dave and I were involved in politically in the background. And there was something odd about trains not running in Scotland. I have no idea what sort of messed up wiring in my noggin made this dream unfold but it was a bit scary and vivid.

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Suburbia said...

Can I suggest that the illicit drugs you have decided not to sell in BS5 are not to be consumed by your good self just before bed time!
Sunny here too, well it was before it got dark!