Friday, 14 March 2008

Ningbo exports...

A couple of weeks ago it was a game of fuel light bingo on the way home as I headed for Bristol sucking vac'.

Today, a fierce red warning light came on advising me of battery issues in my car. My good friend Spence (who looks like Heston Blooming-heck) is a mechanic and assuming I get home tonight, he is going to test my alternator and battery. I wonder what he will ask them. It's pretty fair that my trusty Mercedes seems to have notched up nearly 85,000 miles on one battery. I wonder if it came from Ningbo, that well known Chinese city that manufactures a stack of such things.

Friday morning as I write and I have the pleasant prospect of the weekend ahead with Monday and Tuesday off as well. Much spreadsheet work to do today to prep' for a meeting on my return to work on Wednesday.

It is raining and grey but pleasant nonetheless.

Lummox has arrived in BS5 (and my house). We all went for apint last night - I was home for 10.00, I think the Big Fella came in at about 4.

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