Tuesday, 11 March 2008

A decent building.

A long day at work today with many miles covered and much of Devon and Cornwall rather pleasantly driven through. I had early meetings in Yeovil which is a bugger to get to from BS5, and then drove on to our store near Ivybridge for a day of top retail action at the end of Devon. On the way to the store I stopped in for a look at Dean Priory Church, which a report on Google rather sniffily dismisses as disappointing. One may not care for Churches, I can see that but this one is pretty smart and I've driven past it loads and loads of times, always meaning to stop. It always flies the flag of St George, proof indeed that God is an Englishman. Anyhow, here is a pic of the interior as at lunchtime today, and a view of it from the Devon Expressway (not taken by me). It has two Amercian flags on the inside donated by a couple of Admirals from the United States Navy whose far back family were married in the place before moving in the 1660s to the British colony of Massachusetts.

Home now and a bit of Tuesday ironing to follow.


billy said...

Tuesday ironing....how suburban?!

billy said...

Forgot to say... the church looks lovely, not at all 'disappointing'

BS5 Blogger said...

I thought the old ironing might tick the box for your suburban outlook on life via a Blog!

Dean Priory Church is delightful and well worth a look; it is absolutely what one would imagine a Sunday service in Devon of a hundred years ago!

Birmingham and the M42 tomorrow (more store visits) - not quite such an idyll!

billy said...

If you think ironing's suburban check my washing blog!!