Thursday, 20 March 2008


Hurrah! I am back on line after 24 hours with my home connection being out!

Now then, I am a great deal more confused than usual tonight and I am a bit like the bloke on the pic' (but not a see you next Tuesday)

Today in my noggin it is Tuesday because this is my second day of the week, having had a very long weekend last weekend and only having done two days at work thus far. Of course it is really Thursday but in reality that means Friday because I have no school tomorrow thanks to Easter. And then tomorrow I am going to look in at Church for Good Friday larks but that will make it feel like Sunday, when in my head it will in fact only be Wednesday.

I think I will just forget about it until after the weekend - whenever that is.

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Suburbia said...

I know what you mean! I'm doing extra hours at work and usually don't work Tuesday but did this week which meant yesturday felt like Thursday and today is Friday! Which it is really because thare's no school tomorrow!!!
What is worse is the brown bin collection due tomorrow (Friday) will not arrive until next Tuesday! Rats R us!