Saturday, 15 March 2008


Lewis rang me from Oz at an unGodly hour to ask me about tyre strategy and to see if I would be good enough to give him a shout here on BlogBS5 (always a pleasure, Lewis). I told him not to mix cross ply and regular tread, and whaddayaknow he aced Pole in Australia. Go on, my son!

This morning I have found a top new House Music page called and it has some pretty bostin' mixes to download. Amazingly for the internet (these days) it does what it says and you can download stuff easily, for free and without being directed to a million other sites. I am downloading a deep and dirty mix as I type. Meanwhile my brother will be excited about Podcasting Jonathon Ross later on and Larging it with Radio 2.

I think my other brother is in Hong Kong this morning, excited about buying crumpets from M&S (a product not available in Shangers, where he lives)

A day of foolishness presents itself with good rugby and that general weekend freedom! I am off for a bath, what with it being wash day.

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