Wednesday, 28 January 2009

We can save you money...

My phone contract is up for renewal in about ten days' time which means I am now getting a load of calls from folks who don't actually give a fuck about my loyalty or my talk plan or my hands free wi-fi experience. And they don't call from my network provider anyhow. Two such calls today and I am politely working fast to close the call down without hanging up (I did 6 months on the phones once and it's a fag).
They are persistent and go into 'objection handling' about three times, and then by the fourth go they show their hand (i.e that they don't give a fuck) then just hang up immediately and hassle the next person on the list.

The fellas today were only doing a job but it's still tedious to get their false bonhomie.

The fella today showed his hand early on by telling me the I-phone, in which I have a passing interest 'is no good, mate'. I reckon 3 million shipped so far says different.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

what an arse!!

last week the mobile network 3 called me and told me as a customer of their dongle..for broadband...they wanted to offer me a 30% off on a phone..I said 'that's interesting'

and so l let her talk a bit (I've done cold tel' sales too and its a bastard so feel sorry for em a bit... but just a bit) anyway, she said would I like to consider this..I said 'well actually that's interesting because l have just upgraded my phone' OH she said..
'Yes, interesting enough I have! With yourselves actually'...poor girl...obviously got crap records..then

BS5 Blogger said...

Great comment! I like your balance of telephone tolerance and the fast move to closing it down when you've been decently patient!

I have just Googled Reggie Love to see how tall he is (apropos nothing at all).


Anonymous said...

he dissed the iPhone? he should be shot!

scargosun said...

TG I don't get those calls. We have a 'Do Not Call' list here in the US but many companies don't adhere to it. It has cut down on a number of calls though.