Friday, 30 January 2009

Seven Hundred!

So here we are on the 700th post at Blog BS5.

In some ways I can't help thinking: could I have spent the time creating 700 posts more productively, and I might have a real job or something, but then again, I know I don't really believe that, and I know it has been a top lark these last 15 months!

This Blog has seen pictures of bridges, buses, planes, trains, cars, churches, politicians, actors, film stars, various cuts of meat, darts players and spaceships. And some fine women!

All in all I think it has added to the sum of Human knowledge; who for example could not feel gifted having seen yours truly fooling about on a garden mower in County Wexford, Ireland, or Raymond Barnaveld making a nine dart check out? Who has not benefited from discussions on the merits of Sigourney Weaver's curves?

'700' doesn't throw up much of great interest on Google, but it does return a very fine concept Mercedes, the F700 reproduced here for your Friday enjoyment.

I am into a theme now, and short of being squashed by a bus, I don't intend to make the next 700 any more profound than the first.


scargosun said...

Happy 700! Don't change a thing! I am however surprised that you didn't mention the pic of you in nothing but what God gave you as a landmark post. :)

Suburbia said...


"All in all I think it has added to the sum of Human knowledge" - you forgot to mention the photo, posted recently, of you by the canal.