Monday, 26 January 2009

The Big Man in his away strip

We had an away fixture for church this weekend and all packed off to St Agnes in BS2. This was quite a lark and an impressive building. It was all very Candlestick with lots of incense (smart) and loads of going on about sin and forgiveness (poppycock). The hymns were all long and in each one, the chap playing the organ gave it up on the third verse so the hundred-odd congregation just sang unaided, having become familiar with the tune in verse 1 and 2. 100 people singing unaccompanied is quite an impressive thing.

The usual tea and cake after the show and then a few very happy pints later on with the chaps and a long chat about Israel and Gaza via a pal in Ireland.

I also Googled Hyderabad to see where it is as my pal Lummox has just arrived there for a few weeks of mobile phone network action

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