Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Snooker blog.

My top smart elder brother has been to Wembley today to watch the snooker. It was live on the TV during the afternoon so I watched out for it and saw him at the end of the first frame when the camera panned across the audience as a sort of filler shot!

My good friend Walshers recorded it and sent me this screen shot and a little 2 second video. I appreciate that very few people who read this blog will know what my brother looks like, but hey it's just the sort of thing my Blog is all about! On the vid' he's bottom of the screen two or three in from the right and he looks across the table in an Action Man eagle-eyes stylee! No doubt the total drama mesmerised him.

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Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

thats less that 2 seconds l reckon...good fun though. havent a clue how you take a screen shot form a tv???

how the job front today?