Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Made my chicken and ham pie filling today and it was quite complicated and I needed to concentrate but it came out okay and it smells good.

I have the mega-complex issue of pastry later, and I will have a strong cup of tea prior to that (you have to know it is ready made; not like I am making my own, and it's still feelin' complex). Had to buy a rolling pin in Sainsbury's and I was nervous in case some sort of woman-alarm went off and I got escorted from the store for non-chap type purchasing!

A pre-oven picture is here (2 in fact).

Okay: Pastry complete. Man that flour gets everywhere! I made a right old mess rolling out pastry. It's a complex business but I think I did okay. The pie is covered and I brushed it with egg, possibly a bit heavily. I tried to make a pastry space ship to go on the top but was unequal to the task.

Food review to follow,

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Anonymous said...

looks so delish! I can almost smell the goodness. :-) Great job. Glad they didn't get you with the rolling pin.