Tuesday, 13 January 2009


My week is shaping up to be an almost full one. Nothing like as full as any given day when I was last working in retail but engagingly busy nevertheless. I have a meeting with my current employer tomorrow, even though technically I am a consultant to her. Anyhow, I want to be on my game.

I need to stop fucking about with running and actually go some distance tomorrow, and come back a bit knackered not just ticking over.

I have to look out for my brother on TV too; he has front row seats at the snooker and he is really excited. If I can take a screen grab I'll blog it later! I have to review a job app' I wrote today and post it to the company I am trying to have a shot at, and I have to get back in the habit of applying broadly for positions. I also have to cook, but that is a new recipe and frankly it's an indulgence so that doesn't count as busy by any stretch.

Evening phone-calls surprised me too. A thought provoking end to the day but not at all bad.

A week today to a full on TV indulgence of Barack O' signing on! Excited about that.