Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Year's Day

Well now, not a bad way to see it in! The Rhubarb was full of people our gang did not know and the atmos' was a bit flat but we pushed on until midnight and then de-camped to Cas' house where he knocked up a fine dinner and we drank wine and chatted for an hour or two. The Rhubarb put on a fine display of fireworks and everyone who was there was polite and in good cheer; we just didn't know many of them! (The picture is Edinburgh not Barton Hill but BS5 gave Edinburgh a run for its money on the fireworks!)

There wasn't the usual crashing of mobile networks and I had messages throughout the evening wishing a happy new year from Anglesey, Co Galway, The Czech Republic, China, Bristol, Stayly Vegas and a small village in Wiltshire. Oh and wherever D the V was celebrating her NYE too.

Off today which is top and massive and I am going to make an indulgent chicken roast with red wine gravy for one! I think I will watch some TV too. Actually I'd really enjoy a dog walk with my fine bro' today but I can see about that some time this month.

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